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Unlocking Life's Wisdom: The Top 4 Lessons for a Fulfilling Existence

Dear Reader,

It's been a while since we last connected. How have you been? Are you dedicating enough time to process the myriad of emotions we, as humans, are blessed to experience – love, pain, sorrow, joy, guilt, and so much more? Neil Degrasse Tyson once shared a cosmic truth: "The atoms in your body were manufactured in the cores of stars... so when you look up in the night sky and feel sad and lonely, know you are literally star dust." It's a beautiful reminder, yet many find themselves caught in the trap of numbing their feelings and enduring misery.

What if we realized that, more often than not, we are just one decision away from joy? With this in mind, dear reader, I offer you four transformative lessons that have profoundly impacted my life.

1) Choose Wisely: Life has become needlessly complicated. Frequently, we stand at the crossroads of decisions that shape our destiny – whether to indulge in that next drink, pick up that cigarette, or reach out to someone we miss. These major choices are, at their core, singular decisions. As you read this, I encourage you to choose your next step wisely. Embrace the blessings of life, for you, my dear stardust, deserve to bask in its full glory.

Bonus: I love this channel!

2) No More Hurt: The adage "hurt people hurt people" rings true, but having experienced the pain, I refuse to wish it upon others. Those who have been hurt often possess profound empathy, becoming catalysts for positive change. If life has dealt you a blow, resist perpetuating the cycle; refrain from causing pain to those around you. Acknowledge mistakes, apologize sincerely, and break the cycle intentionally. Choose not to inflict hurt upon others.

3) Allow Yourself to Feel: Heartbreaks, grief, loss, and failure – these negative emotions are inevitable. Walking through the pain is essential. While distractions and numbing agents might provide temporary relief, embracing the full spectrum of emotions is key. Allow yourself to feel it all. The beauty lies in controlling the exit of these emotions. Negativity, when confronted, amplifies the sweetness of joy, love, and hope, imbued with profound gratitude.

4) Love Completely: Whether it's people, places, or things, embrace love wholeheartedly. Fear of pain often restrains us from expressing this beautiful emotion fully. Love, however, is the force that propels the world forward. Give love unabashedly, not just for others but for yourself. The unparalleled joy that arises from allowing the full power of love to course through you is truly incredible. As you navigate life, leaving behind a legacy of love, remember that every act of complete love contributes to making the world a better place.

Life is unpredictable, and every day is too precious to waste. Take a step towards a more fulfilling existence by integrating these life lessons into your journey.

Here is sending love your way. You got this.

With love,

Too much feels

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